Speech and Language Therapy

Our Speech and Language Therapy service provides comprehensive assessment and intervention to clients with a wide range of diagnoses including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down Syndrome, Global Developmental Delay, genetic disorders, language delay, intellectual disability, ADHD, stammering and speech sound delay/disorder.

Based on many factors that are individual to each client, the speech and language therapist will select the most appropriate clinical approaches, therapy intensity, frequency, and duration that will support your child in meeting their full potential. Our approach is client centred and play based creating a highly motivational learning environment that is tailored to each client’s learning style, needs and functional abilities. Remember if your child is having fun then they are also learning.

You and your child are central to the decision making process and you will be informed about all aspects of their therapeutic journey. Our individual sessions consist of 50 minutes of direct services and 10 minutes of feedback with the parents/client. Parents are provided with activities to complete in the home setting between appointments. This is key to supporting the communication gains made in clinic and ensure progress is achieved across all settings.

If you seek further information regarding our speech and language services please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our team members can answer any of your questions.