Over the years we have had a number of families coming to us from other countries or from far away in Ireland. In order to create therapy opportunities that do not take away family time and to decrease the amount of travel time we have created the concept of “INTENSIVES”.

Intensives are individually designed therapy programmes, which target specific areas of change and gains in a short amount of time by altering the intensity and frequency of therapeutic programmes. These programmes are usually completed in a 4-week period in which a child is seen 4-5 times per week; home programs, parental education and training, and other activities are part of the program.

Accommodations are arranged in partnership with local hotels and B&B’s to create the most positive and accessible experience. The arrangement of intensives is discussed individually with a family and presupposes a significant financial investment and also a great deal of commitment. Intensives are not beneficial for every child or family and therefore are only scheduled at our discretion.