Transition to Secondary school

Who can benefit

Transition to secondary school is a 15 week programme for children who are currently in 6th class and have difficulties in any of the following areas; organization, time management (getting up on time, getting to school on time), coping with homework, coping with schoolwork and writing,  coping with change, relating to peers, and relating to teachers

The group is run by occupational therapists.  Its aim is to address the difficulties that young people face when they transition from primary school to secondary school. The group will consist of children of similar needs, and will focus on learning strategies to help deal with the issues encountered in the move.


The group will focus on the following goals:

  • Organisational Skills – How do I manage 12 subjects and 12 sets of books?
  • Time management – How do I get there on time?
  • Academic strategies- How do I manage all this homework?
  • Socialisation – Relating to peers– How do I make friends?
  • Relating to teachers – How do I tell the teacher I can’t do it?


Programme details

  • Day and time:  Saturdays from 2-3 p.m.
  • Frequency:  Once a week for 15 weeks
  • Dates: July, September and October.

This programme is designed in 15week segments with essential components each week with each week building on the previous week.  It is therefore advised that participants attend for all sessions to ensure maximum outcomes.

For more information Contact Advance Therapy Systems (ATS) at or 042-9351777