Pals Club (Ages 8-11)

Pals Club

The Pals Club is a 15 week progamme for children aged 8-11 who experience difficulty interacting in social situations.

Group aims

Its aim is to address social skills that children need to interact appropriately with their peers.  The group consists of children of similar needs and will focus on learning how to communicate with peers in a meaningful way.


The groups will focus on the following goals and activities:

  • Game play – turn taking, following directions, waiting, developing social skills for game play
  • Role playing – playing out a social situation, both correct and incorrect versions with other team judging
  • Team play – games or activities where children need to work together to achieve a task
  • Structured rules and worksheets – to teach rules of social situations

Programme details

  • Day and time:  Call for next group
  • Frequency:  Once a week for 15 weeks

This programme is designed in 15 week segments with essential components each week with each week building on the previous week.  It is therefore advised that participants attend for all sessions to ensure maximum outcomes.